Video Contests: Even an Amoeba Learns by Repetition

I had an old boss that used to say, “even amoeba learns by repetition.” She wasn’t referring to me. You can ask her. Just don’t tell her I called her an old boss.

Anyway that quote comes to mind as I enter my 5th and 6th online video contest. I keep getting placed as a runner up, but I’ve yet to win.

butterfinger.jpg1) “Eviction Moment.” This Butterfinger contest by NestleButterfinger on YouTube is part of‘s “Making the Most of Any Moment” video contest. I’m not sure this really captured the “any moment” concept. But I happened to catch my folks in D.C. this weekend, so I wanted to take advantage of their cheap labor rates. I figured they’d steal my candy and blame each other with the finger t-shirts I made from the downloadable Butterfinger finger. I made them in homage to the “I’m with stupid” t-shirts. Then I went ahead and made one for myself claiming “I’m 37 and I still live with my mama” t-shirts. Homemade shirt. Maybe I should sell ’em.

2) “Balling is Beautiful” is an entry to Carson Daly’s “Bald is Beautiful: Challenge 12” on I thought it might be interesting to expose the insecurity of a guy who is balding. Certainly charachter acting. Fiction. And of course we decided to ammortize the t-shirt by wearing it in this one too.

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  1. I too am entering bald is beautiful because, let’s face it, I’m bald.

    I also had some fun dicking around in the toolkit on the competition site. A lot more fun than I’ve had trying to fankle (scottish expression) my way around the Brightcove set-up. Is that supposed to be prohibatively complex? Anyway, at first Carson’s toolbox (ahem) looks dull (mostly because it visually looks dull) but the ‘clip art’ is fun to play with.

    Check it out…

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