The Salvador Dali of Viral Video

salvador-dali-photo.jpgYou’ve seen his Pepsi Girl. You might have caught his LonelyGirl15 assasination. But I’ll bet you haven’t seen “Pussy Choke.” Watch in amazement as the cat escapes from Davideo’s mouth.

DavideoDesign in the U.K. He’s the Salvador Dali of Viral Video. He and Mrs. Davideo are creating videos with a surreal shock value that you won’t soon forget.

He’s shared some of his techniques with me offline, but I’m not giving away his secrets.  Doesn’t matter anyway. To immitate him you’d need his brain, psyche and cash for software you can’t afford.

6 Replies to “The Salvador Dali of Viral Video”

  1. yep…need more cash for the hardware that can run the expensive software. i messed around with motion once (30-day free trial) and had some fun with it. i realized then though was that even though i had a dual 2.5 mac that i couldnt realize all of the potential of that program without it resting on a network or a server. perhaps the new quads can handle the load.

    shake is another good looking program that i would one day like to own. if anyone is in nyc and eventually wants to set up a little mac studio let me know?

  2. Only 8 views though. Seems a lot of work and a heavy capital investment for 8 views. Now, if he could get Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton to crawl out his ass . . .

    loved the video assasination of Lonely Girl.

  3. Motion has a 30-day-free-trial version, IDNAD? I wonder if my 1.0 MGZ mac with the missing space key and L.A. smog etched to the motherboard could handle that software?

  4. Pretty nice how the handheld camera shake is retained in pepsigirl – makes it more suprising to the viewer even if they don’t realize it.

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