8 thoughts on “I Got Nuthin’ To Say Today”

  1. …freakin’ vloggers… draw us in, then leave us hangin’

    nalts is probably going on some kind of pre-halloween snickers bender

    zefrank would never do this to his fans.

  2. How about telling us what we can and can’t use under the scope of copywrited music (is copywrited even a word?). I’m curious what I can use when posting to Revver (aside from their suggested free music files). Can I remix a song? Can I sing the lyrics without music?

    There, now you have a Friday work assignment. Get to it.

  3. Wow… I was really only kidding… if you treated your fans with the same disdain as zefrank, you may lose one of them… or even both of them….

  4. Not at all… there are four or five regular contributors to the comments… I figure one of them is an FBI agent waiting for Nalts to slip up… two of them are rival vloggers plotting Nalts’ demise… the final two are fans… or Nalts’ family providing some encouragement…

    oh… and then there’s me… i’ve enjoyed insulting nalts’ intelligence since 1998 or so.

  5. I think the smarter my posts the less comments. Maybe I’ll just post a vowel a day next week. BTW- I’ve only now remembered who PC is. Hey- wait until you see my green screen in action.

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