Will YouTube Become a Verb?

Google is a verb. Nobody looks at you strangely if you say “I Googled it.” I believe I started hearing Google used as a verb almost exactly two years ago, although I’m sure it was around for much longer.

So MarquisdeJolie posts the following… will we be saying “I YouTubed a Video” in a few years?

I see YouTube videos on morning news programs more and more regularly. It’s the OughtSix version of ‘Xeroxing’. People who can’t even figure out how to navigate a blogsite or forward an email… know that if you make a video, you show it on YouTube. That’s the official franchise, isn’t it? A few years from now, the term ‘viral video’ will become obscure. The act of making internet videos will be called U-Tubing just like the act of making copies is called xeroxing. Have you U-Tubed on Revver lately?

Paranthetically, be sure to check out Marquis’ latest video: My Balls is Busted.

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  1. …it could happen, but it has to see some wide use first… how about renaming this site, “Will U-Tube for Food”

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