My Weather Job is at Risk

weather.jpgWe can see by episode #2 of MediaMoGirl that my weather reporting gig is at risk. This screen shot shows MediaMoGirl is losing patience with my neurosis. In this case, seasonal effective dissorder (SAD). She recently contacted an attorney to explore how to terminate me. Fortunately, my psychological imbalance makes me a member of a “protected class.”

I’m just glad I had an opportunity to wear my Sponge Bob boxers for the world. For more, visit MediaMoGirl.

THIS JUST IN: My performance review caught on tape.

6 Replies to “My Weather Job is at Risk”

  1. Personally I was more excited that you were climbing out the window onto the roof. There was this little devil-voice in my head that kept saying “jump! jump!”

    Thankfully you didn’t hear it.

  2. Oh- did we call it the wrong thing?

    BTW- There was another bit where I show myself dropping to the porch and asking if MediaMoGirl health insurance covers accidents/disability. It took three takes of tossing myself on the edge of the porch and slamming into the lawn furniture. She edited that part out as she’s done with the overly comedic cheese ball bits.

  3. I just meant this blog post says: “In this case, seasonal effective dissorder (SAD).”

    I thought it was funny since the acronym contradicts what you spelled.

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