Metacafe As Acquisition Target

logo_metacafe.gifNow that Google gulped YouTube, the obvious next acquisition target is Metacafe. It’s the highest independent site on the top 10 lists, and I would predict it’s purchased by a paranoid media player by the end of the year, but certainly no later than end of Q1 2007.

ReelPopBlog has a nice review of Metacafe, including some compelling stats. What he neglects to mention is that Metacafe is the ONLY top ranking online video destination to share revenue. Revver splits revenue more generously for views, but it’s not a destination site- rather an enabler. A Visa that is only effective if there’s a Walmart that accepts it.

I’ve been making good money on Metacafe lately. It’s feast or famine however…. a video either explodes or festers under the scrutiny of the lucky preview volunteers. In fact I have a collection of them that haven’t escaped review in days.

But where else can you make $1,000 for showing your butt crack without getting arrested?

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  1. Here’s an update to my MetaCafe situation. Yesterday, MetaCafe called my home phone and said the problem would be corrected today. I checked my bank account just now, and it seems they still shorted me $10. They withdrew $755, but deposited back only $745. That means they owe me $10 PLUS the original $755 they were supposed to pay me. Payoneer/MetaCafe (whoever is responsible) owes me $765.

  2. I’d like to point out that Payoneer is the one making the transactions to and from my account. I don’t necessarily blame MetaCafe, but they seem to be more involved with it as far as dealing with me than Payoneer. I actually get calls from MetaCafe, so I have no clue how much they control or know.

  3. I’m just letting you know that I talked to Payoneer again today and
    that I should be seeing more transactions by the end of the day or
    tomorrow. The way it was described, it should look like:

    Oct 10: -$755
    Oct 16: +$745 (apparently there was a $10 fee for setting up the direct deposit)
    Oct 16: $755 (credit the account back)
    Oct 16: $10 (to cancel the $10 fee for my inconvience)

    If this all goes to as planned, I will be happy. Other than this incident, it’s been fun working with MetaCafe, and I will continue to do so.

  4. When Grouper was woing buyers, they played some nasty tricks on their content providers to get their numbers up for the sale. Surely MetaC is above such lowbrow chicanery.

  5. My wife got a call yesterday from Metacafe. Apparently they did indeed debit accounts instead of crediting them. I suspect it was an accident, because it would be a suicidal move if you’re trying to endear yourself to acqusition targets and you’re jacking cash flow and revenue by borrowing from creators. Plus- the fact that they called before I notice it says something about their integrity.

    Then again- I’m a trusting Southerner.

  6. “In fact I have a collection of them that haven’t escaped review in days.”….its seems that all you need for a successful video on metacafe is 1)A baby 2)a cat,and it doesnt matter if they are asleep,awake or taking a dump!

  7. Metacafe is crap. It takes them too long to review a video and they make too many judgements on videos. Instead of asking and allowing you to prove you have the copyright they just assume you don’t and you video sits in limbo.

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