Mark Day Featured on AOL Uncut

aoluncut.jpgFrequent WillVideoForFood contributor Mark Day landed a prominent feature on the homepage of AOL Uncut. This is the first time I’ve seen such a significant “carve out” for an amateur creator. Congrats, Mark. The comedy or bribes are paying off.

If you haven’t seen Mark’s work, it’s well worth it.

3 Replies to “Mark Day Featured on AOL Uncut”

  1. Color me as surprised as the next person. They were rotating different “front page” content boxes and i was pleasantly surprised when this showed up one day last week. I was more surprised when it wasn’t rotate out the next day, and when it finally dissapeared (when the baseball guy flew into the building) I was very surprised when it came back a few days later. Aside from my obviously charming accent and incisive social commentary (ahem) I think it speaks to the value of thematic continuity between clips, bright yellow thumbnails and the much repeated maxim (at least around here) that it’s a lot easier to get spotted away from YouTube than on it.

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