Best Halloween-Video Contest

frank.jpgRevver is hosting a contest for Halloween videos. I shot this one in August or September to help them promote it (Greedy Trick-or-Treaters). But I’ve already lost before judging has begin. So I’ll continue my long-running record of honorable mentions but no trophy.

Here’s what I’ll lose to I think: “Second Change: A Date Between Frankenstine and Bride of Frankenstine.” Well acted, written and directed- it’s good to lose to something this good. To see more from the creators see ID Monsters on Revver.

Here are the 70 plus entries to date. Want to enter? Just tag your video on Revver with Halloween2006. Here’s the Revver blog entry for more details.

3 Replies to “Best Halloween-Video Contest”

  1. Why won’t you win? My only guess is that the screams weren’t blood-curdly enuf. The prat fall at the end made it all worthwhile.

  2. Yes- I couldn’t very well convey to the kids that they were supposed to be running in fear… they kept laughing. I was lucky they ran at all. By that point in the 15-minute shoot they had grown bored and were more interested in going inside to eat the candy.

    I don’t really laugh at my own videos too often, but I just love that prat fall. I’m thinking of making it a halmark. The trick is to cross your legs while running.

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