Revver Income Since 1.0 Launch

Curious about how people’s Revver income was impacted by the 1.0 release. Up, down, flat? Mine is significantly lower than before the launch, but I also went through a period where I couldn’t figure out how to upload new videos. Plus I’ve gotten out of the habit of checking it regularly so I’m not certain this hasn’t been occuring for a while.

I’ve interacted with two other Revver regulars (Z Scott and iDonothingallday) that are having similar experiences. I’m hoping to find out it’s a temporary error and not a trend. Anyone?

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  1. minor correction… my revenue has been steadily going up.
    however, i had a huge traffic spike last month which helps.

    however my frustration lies with the fact that for the amount of traffic i drew, I would have thought it would’ve translated into more money.

    it doesnt help that the current accounting tools are completely useless so trying to research anything is pointless.

    plus this whole charging just for a cpc and not for a cpm is really begining to irk me.

  2. I partially blame it on the fact that seeing the newest videos is a bit harder. And the site design seems to be worse than the previous one (in my opinion). If you look at the recently added videos now, they all have 0 views. This is probably because they are no longer on the main page. With the old Revver, I would always get a good dozen or two dozen views just from Revver traffic. Why? I think its because they used to put the 4 newest videos on the front page.

  3. I agree with Zack Scott. Without new ones being shown on the main page, new ones really don’t get that early exposure they once received.

    I’m experimenting with (as of today) and I noticed they have a category called “Undiscovered” I haven’t actully seen what that means, but wouldn’t it be cool if Revver had a button you could push and it would randomly spotlight videos with views of under 20 or something like that.

    Now if only GoogleTube would show Revverized videos…

  4. Congrats on the 37 cents. Don’t spend it on crack.

    Thanks for the clarification, IDNAD. Revvenue up but click rate donw. YOu’re getting lots of traffic to your own site so that’ your secret.

    Marquis reports that he had a mild slow down in September but seems to be coasting quite well now. I wish there was a way to determine your monthly/weekly revenue rate.

    Important tip from the Marquis- go back and tag your videos well. If you’re like me you’re probably underutilizing this powerful tool to get your videos seen.

  5. Idonothingall day said:”it doesnt help that the current accounting tools are completely useless so trying to research anything is pointless.”
    “plus this whole charging just for a cpc and not for a cpm is really begining to irk me. “……..
    I agree,the accounting tools are useless,that page even slows my pc to a crawl for several minutes also.Several of my videos stick,just before the ad should load,so theres no chance of getting a click.Revver should change to cpm,so the author is paid just for an Ad “view”,instead of a click.My income on the 1.0 site was much slower the first few days after launch,but slowly improving with the bugs being fixed daily

  6. At the top of my wishlist is a separate set of stats for my affiliate income and my direct income. I’d love that. Second is that third stream of cashflow, cpm income. I wonder if there is some sort of conflict there, though, the conflict being that cpm advertisers don’t mix well with cpc advertisers. Revver doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, do they!?

    My opinion is that you guys depend too much on Revver’s landing page. Upload your Revver-tagged videos to Blip. Embed your Revver video code in Flixya and Magnify and KungFu and MySpace and Friendster and emails to your friends. You’ll get views. As more and more people join Revver, you’re going to have to work harder and harder to differentiate your stuff…or, put another way, as Revver expands, you shrink.

    Zack–later on, you’re going to regret tagging all your videos ‘sex, sexy, girl, chick, hot.’ At some point you’re going to have to go back and retag them with words that help you actually find them. Mark my words (hee hee).

    IDNAD–wanna let us in on where your traffic spike came from?

  7. Why can’t Revver be both a community site AND a tool for video authors? Personally, I enjoy the comments and feedback I get from YouTube and MetaCafe users. It really helps strangers find my stuff. Its kind of difficult for me to bring YouTube and MetaCafe viewers to videos I’ve embedded elsewhere (such as Revver).

  8. I think Revver is afraid to dip too deep into the portal space because they want to serve portals. I’ve always maintained that the market will push them into being a website instead of a technology/advertising solution.

    Marquis- I keep two accounts. One for videos (Nalts) and a separate for affiliate use (CubeBreak).

  9. Part of the problem may be that for at least the last week, I keep getting an error message when viewing revver vids. And it’s a terrible default setup, becuase you watch about 70% of the vid and then this error message pops up that says the ad cannot be found, and that error message blocks the vid screen! So the user cannot even watch the rest of the vid. Idiotic.

  10. How much is anybody actually making with this? I mean, is it such a pathetic range, its a joke? Like, less than a dollar, for all time? Like, less than a dollar a month? Five dollars a month? Thirty dollars a month? What kind of range for real world results is anybody gettting from this kind of ad revenue, because it seems flawed and weak

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