Cubicle Kim Debuts in “CubeNews”

moocher.gifCubicle Kim contacted CubeBreak to see if we’d be interested in featuring her collection. After watching just two videos, we gave her a dedicated widget on the homepage. Funny stuff — here’s her website.
A Pennsylvania native, Kim Waldauer moved to LA 6 years ago to be an actor/writer with her husband, who is also her creative partner. Last year they completed a feature comedy called The BedStand and are pursuing distribution. To finance the movie and pay rent, she works as a cubicle dweller in an office in Hollywood Studio.

“I think my experience was fairly typical for the bureaucratic politics of the corporate world,” she said. “I’ve had to ask permission to go to the bathroom; I’ve worked through most of my lunches; when my cubicle area for two people was turned into a space to hold four people. I literally was required to work with plastic sheets hung as the construction crew did their job.”

Kim began her series as an outlet; her husband set up the camera while she ranted. But as she shared them online, other cube workers e-mailed her their own gripes and encouraged her to make more episodes.

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