Google Gulps YouTube… The $1.65 Billion “Crying Game”

Google proposed to YouTube. It reminds me of The Crying Game, only we haven’t gotten to that part in the movie when the camera tilts down to reveal the “secret plot.”

Perhaps the most fascinating thing ahead will be to watch what happens to Google Video as the merger works its ways through the legal stages.

Hey- I wonder if the rules apply like when you’re buying a house. If the seller doesn’t disclose that the house is burried on a toxic Indian graveyard, the buyer can still back out. What happens when the Google folks look at the videos and realize 78.74 percent are not owned by YouTube or the people submitting them?

P.S. Dear Google- is for sale for one millionth of the price, and none of the content is stolen.

7 Replies to “Google Gulps YouTube… The $1.65 Billion “Crying Game””

  1. Here’s my analysis:

    Revver is as chaste as a nun in full habit when it comes to using copyrighted material.

    GV (Google Video) is as loose as that girl you knew in high school that was a cheap date after a few pricey presents.

    YT (YouTube) is as loose as that lady you see on the corner of 5th and Main that charges two bits.

    Me? Well let’s say a six-pack of beer lasts longer in my fridge than in Nalts’ vault.

  2. Fire sale! is going for a low, low $97,999!

    Discount warehouse prices!! is going for $150,000. Yes, folks, you read right. Only three low payments of $62,999 gets you thousands upon thousands of videos AND 500 genuine tales of the street.

    TV SPECIAL!! Get for only $22,615 if you order today and we’ll throw in FOR FREE!!

    Order now while supplies last!

  3. I wonder if Google buying YouTube has anything to do with me getting a Google message that “Google is unable to accept any video uploads at this time” when I tried to upload some videos there last night?

    Are they clearing space for YouTube? Hmmm.

  4. Mike- I thought it was going to happen 32 days sooner. I was way off. But I’ll blame it on the Google attorneys who put YouTube under serious “due diligence” that included watching videos for 4 weeks.

    Howard- like you, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m going to sell CubeBreak for a zillion-times-earning like YouTube did.

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