Getting Out the Agency’s Way

This week I joined a conference call to provide feedback to the agency about a viral video concept that was to be shot this month. It’s a global campaign, and my focus is domestic. But is there such thing as a domestic video¬†campaign?

creative_trio_med.jpgI had reviewed the storyboard and thought it was funny and bazaar. Difficult to execute, but if done well it would be viralastic. But I thought the marketing message was lost and that it was a tough spot to deliver without a huge budget.

I wasn’t alone as a skeptic, and the agency had the impression that the conference call was to deliver a death blow to the concept. They were mortified. They told us the entire team had agreed unanomously on the creative and that they couldn’t hold the camera still on auditions. There were at least 7 of them on the line.

Tough decision to get ouf the agency’s way and build on the idea instead of killing it. But three things made it easy. First — moments before the call — I saw the agency’s reel online. It was good. Second, I admired their conviction. Third was that there were some important message elements that had been added but didn’t appear on the storyboard.

So now there’s that feeling of anxiety. Will they pull it off? Will I spend the next 3 months selling it internally¬†and defending it? Will anyway actually watch the video?… Only the shadows know.

Biggest lesson of all this… if you’re an agency person who hasn’t done brand, or a brand person that hasn’t done agency. Cross over immediately. It’s eye opening.

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  1. Interesting – reads more like an article by Bing than a viral video article…

    So an agency was pitching producing a viral video to you?

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