The Mother of All Video Searches

videoronk.jpgA new arrival in the battle of video searches. Currently a video searcher might choose Google (which now indexes its own videos, and offers a homepage filter for it), Yahoo (which queries additional videos beyond those on Yahoo), or simply go to YouTube directly (which is typically what I do).

Now there’s a new option.

5 Replies to “The Mother of All Video Searches”

  1. Thanks, Mark. Fixed it.

    Marquis- that’s helpful information. I only tried a few searches and it did okay. I wonder what it crawls… title, username, tags, description. Sounds like it’s missing some sites and fields.

    The other sad thing is that it doesn’t default to searching all sites. That should be 99% of the user’s goal.

  2. I crosspost all over the place, including all the ones VideoRonk uses, but it really came up short, only showed YouTube and Google results. Sticking to Dabble, best yet.

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