Tom Green Says Don’t Videotape Kids Without Their Parents

If you post a comment with a URL it get lodged in comment pergatory. Everyonce in a while I remember about this area, and I free the comments to heaven. In this case, this comment from September was worthy of a post.

Writes ZackScott: “Interesting story… I’m a deputy at which means I get a little deputy blog on his page and I’m supposed to promote the website [Editorial note: we acknowledge how incredibly sad this is].

Well, I did a video of me passing out flyers, and we did one scene where we found this “random kid” and took him to the computer lab without his parents permission. The kid was actually my friend’s kid, but it caused to state specifically on the site:

“Don’t video tape kids who are not with their parents. Make sure that the people you talk to on camera are old enough to make a decision about being on video.”

It was hilarious. Anyway, the video got aired on Tom Green Live with the kid part edited out. Again, funny

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14 thoughts on “Tom Green Says Don’t Videotape Kids Without Their Parents”

  1. Wait. I got lost in context somewhere. Who is Tom Green? Why am I not videotaping my grandkids? Did you notice that Frogprintz is one of the top ten uploaders at Metacafe, getting hundreds of thousands of views? And what does this all have to do with the RPS finals?

  2. Metacafe meets Frogprintz. See- he’s going to get rich while we sit around and watch.

    Tom Green is a comedian. We don’t know why Zack is such an ardent fan, but apparently he has some site within TomGreencom, which obliges you to promote Tom Green… which he in turn spoofed… which TomGreen, the comedian, apparently missed.

  3. I’ll bet he is. Meanwhile, NONE of my stuff is good enough for Metacafe (except three of the crappiest videos I ever made while living in the veterans dorm and uploaded to MetaC last year…they got more views on the MetaC than they got anywhere else before MetaC deactivated them for whatever reasons several months ago).

  4. Frogprintz has been around for a long, long time. He is a well known TV commercial video producer and creates original themes, stories, music, video, and humor. He has been seen on america’s Funniest Home Video’s, the Tonight Show, and the Discovery Channel. What I don’t understand though, is why he takes the time to upload some of his edited commercials to revver and metacafe. Must be one of his employees doing this. How does he have the time otherwise and especailly for chump change.

  5. He’s also on MTV a lot. somehow involved with a lot of music groups. Very cool!

    I bought some of his software for special effects. It’s called 3D Album. Also very cool!

  6. Hi,

    I do scheduling for the Horizon Group. Frogprintz Productions is one of our clients. We helped launch several of their software application products. Michael Young is the CEO. Michael does all the photography and film work for the international TV commercials the firm creates. I have met him and he is one of the most ingenious and original people I have ever met. He has a wicked sense of humor and loves practical jokes. His work gets copied quite a bit and is everywhere on the internet. I’m glad to see the additional recognition too, but I think his staff uploads many of his commercials because he’s gone so much on production shoots.

    Just thought I would give some insight. Great guy.

  7. Marquisdejolie – how did you come by that name? Your clips are bizzare – just the way I likes em. Did you get a head injury while in the war? A good head knock makes for good ideas. You got a good grip on words for a guy with a mashed head. LOL …

  8. Frogprintz is everywhere on the pay-per-view sites. I really like his videos, very funny and clever. I’ve been to his website and he has a lot on display. Also other products and a google search shows he is a painter artist as well. Looks like he is about 55-60 years old. He makes a bunch of European commercials and the ad agencies use him a lot since his name is on the credits. Looks like Revver abused him since he used to be on their site and some controversary developed. I’m a fan and would like to see more. I bought his Whispering in the Wind DVD set from his website. It’s fantastic!

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