If You Don’t Have Your Own Online Video Site You Don’t Exist

different-strokes.jpgOkay- the headline was provocative and unfair. You can exist just fine without an online video site. Just post your stuff on YouTube and let the rest of us make money.

Why the “Different Strokes” photo? We’ll get there in a minute.

Anyway I got two replies to the video on “How to Build Your Own Online Video Site.” Interestingly they didn’t come via this blog but rather by people that found my video on (gasp) YouTube and sent a note to my YouTube username.

The first response came from JesiaCare, a high-school senior. High-school senior is one of the examples of where you really need a dash between high and school. Check out TheJetSetRadio. The widgets aren’t working as of this post, but give it time. Give it time.

The next response simply needed to be included verbatim (with a few typo fixes):

I saw your video about making a video site. I got bored and created one and thought you would like to see it (well you said you did in your video). So far I only got through about 11 pages of your Revver video you have ALOT — not to mention it took me 4 hours to get to page 11. My video page on my site is Silverdown…. I am still creating my layout to it may look messed up. I also find your video a great source of entertainment when there is nothing on TV :D.

Here’s hoping there’s nothing on TV tonight. I can’t compete with Arnold.

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