BlipTV Begins to Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators

bliptv.jpgBlip does share ad revenue. The program is still in its infancy.

Says BlipTV’s Michael Hudack, “Its paypal, quarterly, paid out after we receive the money from the advertiser or advertising partner. We have one partner up and running today and several more launching over the next few months.”

Note that you’re not automatically enrolled. You have to go to your Advertising preferences and select the various offerings that let Blip know you’ll whore your content for ad revenue. For more information see the Advertising FAQ at Blip.

Author: Nalts

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5 thoughts on “BlipTV Begins to Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators”

  1. Ah gee, you are double dipping Kevin, So you upload your Revver Video to Blip.TV. Now I have to sit through the post slate from Revver, plus the post slate from Blip.

    Oh well, you deserve both of them.

  2. I’ve only uploaded a few to Blip because I didn’t know I got paid. The Revver one you don’t have to sit through. The Blip stuff, however, I’ll be taking advantage of every ad possible. My goal is 2% video and 98% ads. I think it’s sustainable. Don’t you?

  3. “whore your content for ad revenue”……ha ha hahaha! hey butthead…. he said whore! yea yea hes kool!

  4. Thank you, I just wanted to give a greeting and tell you I enjoyed reading your material.

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