Film Maker Embraces the Web to Promote Zombie Musical

zombiemusicalheaderfinal3.gifLast week I wrote 8 tips for independent filmmakers to use the web to promote their work and earn money via the ad-revenue-sharing online video sites. The ideas came from some of the discussions I had with filmmakers when I spoke at the Independent Feature Project event in NYC.

Here’s a great case study. Austin Filmmaker John McLean has a movie called Z (click to see film’s website). Here are some “PSAs” he created (and uploaded to to promote his work. John writes:

You inspired me to pimp for my latest low-budget picture–a feature-length Zombie musical, with fully 14 song & dance numbers–in a completely different way than usual.

If I can just inspire one promising filmmaker to pimp online, I can sleep well at night. Check out the promos:

  1. Harvey Fierstein’s Zombie PSA
  2. Just Z It (Nike spoof)
  3. Blood (Spoof on Budweiser “Wuz Up” ads)

Jenna Fischer from NBC’s “The Office” is a big Zombie fan (according to her interview on Leno last week). Might want to get her as a spokesperson, John.

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  1. Stalk her I guess. Show up one day on the set of The Office in your full Zombie gear. Pretend to be shocked and astonished when the security folks pull you off of the set. Cry. She’ll feel sympathetic. Then pitch her.

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