Barats & Bereta: Latest Online-Video “Crossover Stars”

bereta.jpgWe wrote about Barats & Bereta‘s “Cubicle Wars” video in August. And “If God Had a Facebook” in September. Now the two have a 6-figure deal with NBC. Congratulations, guys. And thanks to Mark Day for the scoop.

Call us if you need extras, guys. Not that you need a third wheel.

This just in: Nice coverage of the story on Mashable (via Micropersuasion).

3 Replies to “Barats & Bereta: Latest Online-Video “Crossover Stars””

  1. And call me, guys, if you need an idea guy. I’m never out of ideas. Won’t work on spec, though. Will work for airline tickets to exotic locations, though. Think China. Burgeoning market. Soon a post-industrial culture with lots of yang.

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