Angry YouTube Commenter

pauly2.jpgWe’ve all seen the YouTube comments full of rage, sarcasm and criticism. The angry YouTube commenters say things like:

  • WTF
  • That’s gay
  • Lamest thing ever on YouTube
  • I want my two minutes back
  • That sucked
  • NOT funny

Now let’s take a look into the psyche of an “online video commenter.” Here we’ll understand what makes one of them tick and what’s REALLY motivating them… starting with early childhood rejection.

8 Replies to “Angry YouTube Commenter”

  1. Here’s the latest comment I got on MetaCafe:

    “Zack nice job teaching that cat to fetch
    Just ignore those c**k******* p.s. your not ugly
    butt u look like a nerd (no offense)”

  2. I’d imagine that was a good video. But I don’t know, because I was too busy trying to figure out if his eyes were blinking out of sync. (Sorry if that’s really your bro-in-law or something, Nalts.)

    BTW: Zack, I’d take ‘you look like a nerd’ over ‘you’re ugly’ any day.


  3. WTF? And you presume to represent ALL canadians? Go back to idiot school you forgot too pick up your diploma and… no, really, you should post that as a response to some high traffic/high drama emo-fest and, you know, really sock it to them commenters because … well, I can’t go on… because I’m going to cry….

  4. What do Canadians have to do with it? Don’t cry, Mark. Or at least record yourself crying.

    Yeah- it’s my brother-in-law. He fires people for a living. I typecast him. There was something wonderfully twitchy about his eye in this video. I was going to disguise his voice and blurr his face, but the performance was too good to mute.

    And he calls ME a freak.

  5. “Canadians” is a joke so private, that only I get it. Sometimes, I get comments that not only tell me I’m not funny, but also get my nationality wrong. And you call yourself a Canadian?!

  6. Ahhhh. Got it. Like you have a responsibility as a Canadian to make better videos.

    The Southern folks haven’t gone there yet with me. But that’s because most of them aren’t yet online.

  7. Hahahaha! Funny stuff. Background music just right. And the eye twitch . . . he should seek professional help. No, seriously. He won’t be able to play poker with a ‘tell’ like that.

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