Anti-Drug Ads on YouTube (Go Over Like Fart in Church)

flat.jpgThe White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has posted an identity on YouTube a dozen videos including anti-drug commercials. Seems they’ve gone over like a fart in church. Some love them, but most don’t.

For instance, this video “Flat,” received 270 ratings at average one star (the lowest possible rating). I’ve never seen something like that in YouTube. Typically one-star and five-star movies are those than haven’t received many votes… they eventually average out. Voting was disabled for “Tic Tic” ( and comments have been disabled (or moderated) for many of the videos.

I’d encourage ONDCP to open the dialogue and see what happens. When in Rome…

Via Micropersuasion and Brand Republic.

3 Replies to “Anti-Drug Ads on YouTube (Go Over Like Fart in Church)”

  1. And for those that don’t attend church (like me), the better analogy would be…

    “….like fanning the covers after farting in bed.”

  2. I like these ads…maybe because they’re not goring MY ox. I think the younger YouTube crowd doesn’t want to seriously look at themselves. But with few exceptions–like Landlord Lane, for instance–I say let stupid be stupid.

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