LonelyGirl15 Comments on Her 1998 Footage

lonelygirl15-1998.jpgMy neice had a sleep over last night and asked me how her “LonelyGirl15 is Real” video was doing. In this video, my neice played the role of a 1998 Bree (LonelyGirl15). The footage was filtered to give it a dated quality, and the “young Bree” is seen with a young Daniel who is casually reading a Big Bird book. Only 686 people had viewed it as of last night.
This morning I discovered that LonelyGirl15 herself commented on the video late last night…


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  1. Oh please dig up the video of your grandson and the guy that was staring at him as he got into the car. One of my favorites (after the Xanax one).

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