Boss Takes Highly Personal Calls With Subordinate Waiting

awkward.jpgIn this video titled “Hang On,” a boss takes a series of highly personal calls and keeps his employee waiting awkwardly. For an online video, it has a better-than-usual story, camera work and “punch” at the end. More of a “sketch comedy” feel than viral video, but done by amateurs. I think we’ll see more of this in the next generation of viral vids.

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  1. Hahaha! That reminds me of the time in Hollywood I tried to nutkick my boss and he ducked and I kicked the wall behind him and fractured my ankle and had to come in to work the next day in a leg cast but oddly enough, my boss never did call me in to his office after that, not the whole time I worked there.

  2. 38 or 39. I was the only IT guy there and it took them a while to find another nerd who would work that cheap.

    But I had rigged the networked harddrives (I had networked them) to automatically erase themselves if I didn’t enter a certain password by 9 a.m. every Monday morning, so they were calling me back to work a week after they severenced me.

    I refused to come back as an employee, though. I came back as a $75 an hour consultant and re-installed all their operating systems. It took a long, looooong time, but I got anew car out of the deal.

  3. I’m on DSL, but Revver still takes wwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too long to load versus other video sites. Annoyingly long for a mediocre 4 minute video.

  4. It’s that damned butt-ugly pixelated Flash, I tell you. It was never that slow on QuickTime-only.

    But I love the Flash ads at the end, when there are ads at the end. The thing is, those beautifully crafted professional Flash ads make my video that was attached to it look like dog vomit on a hot steam radiator.

  5. Do you think Revver would allow us, in our videos, to say, “please support our sponsors”?…I mean, we’re not telling them to click the ads…

    Additional question. What’s “wwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too long” translate to in real time these days? I remember when it took like 5 minutes for a picture to come up (Oh dang! She’s wearing a bikini!!!) That was Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I have DSL and now I get upset if there’s a five or ten second delay for anything. Or if I’m downloading and it takes more than 10 minutes. But really, I remind myself how far it’s come and must admit it’s fast these days. What do other people feel about internet speed these days.

  6. Now that I’m multitasking with 5 or six web pages open at the same time in the tabs bar and Quark, Photoshop, Textedit, Quamana, MS Word, and QuickTime open in the background (with Firefox, Opera, Camino and Safari open back there, too), if a webpage takes more than 5 seconds to open I move on to another tab and do something else for a while.

    My big fat mean daily drunk pigstye sister has a computer in her room she never ever ever uses for anything except shelving for overspilling ashtrays and it’s hooked to dialup. Once in awhile I kick a path out of the puke-soaked towels towards her computer, dust the ashes and pork rinds off the keyboard and crank up some dialup.

    That’ll make a person appreciate broadband!

  7. We need a video expose of her room. One of us can post it under our names so you don’t get caught. Please don’t turn on the smellocam.

  8. One of the cable channels is buying my G stuff at $150 a pop so I’m concentrating on that right now (hey! Direct sales. How ’bout that!), but if the Hustler or Trashy Redneck Drek channels express an interest, I’ll start cranking up my Redneck Woes stuff again.

    You remember those, right? The ones where my sister’s head grows to twice the normal size right there in front of my camera? Or maybe I should call that series “Unretouched Psysiological Phenomena of East Texas”. Naw, too clinical.

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