Promoting Cause Via Video Community

60secondslight.jpgI just received a note from Christine Beardsell, who is initiating a grassroots effort for Sept. 11, 2007. She writes:

My interest isn’t in making money or entertaining the masses, but rather reigning in the power of the collective video community to promote worthy causes. The project that I launched is called “60 Seconds of Light”–an attempt to create an internet-wide memorial for September 11th, 2007. I hope to get all vloggers and internet video content creators to join in on the event and post literally 60 seconds of light instead of their normal video content.

Count me in, Christine. And I hope the readers will pass the word. Terrific idea, and one I think will… spread… like fire.

P.S. Mr. Short-term memory here is going to need a reminder. What was I writing about again?

Author: Nalts

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  1. Thanks Nalts. I will be sure to remind you! I’m starting a year early in the hopes of getting as many people as possible to join in. I’ll add you to my site as a future participant!

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