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Patrick from spends his time videotaping beautiful NYC women. In this exclusive report, we get an “inside look” at his pitch, techniques and art form.


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  1. Thought I’d use your more popular, more mainstream blogsite here to hawk the fact that your entire collection of videos are featured permanently on my blogsite (fourth sidebar widget down on ).

    Y’all comin’ down ta Marshall in your sweep of interviews of R folk? The Amtrak train actually stops here (if you ask nice).

    If you go to L.A. to see Dawn, there’s a guy living in a little blue Chevy next to the tennis-courted Westwood Park by the Federal Building off Wilshire Blvd: Gordon The Hollywood Anarchist. I think he’d be a good interview for you. My buddy Right Angle Al of Larchmont is shopping a “Homeless Survivor” pilot in Hollywood that might include Gordon.

  2. I’ve noticed you’re really making the transition from CubeBreak to WillVideoForFood. That’s pretty cool. I like this website better. Do you have a page that contains links to all of your videos? If not, that’s cool, because I don’t either.

  3. What a great collection of comments. This post was originated by BlipTV which is why it looks different and the donate is f’d up.

    I think I need to start a series where I travel worldwide to interview viral video makers.

    Marquis- kickass use of Revver widgets. If only WordPress took ’em… I don’t know how to send people to my Revver videos anymore. Totally confused by the new Revver. 🙁

  4. So you wanna be the web-based videomaker’s “On The Road” Charles Kuralt
    of viral video, eh? What a great life adventure that could be!

    Be aware that life adventures tend to last longer–and paradoxically shorter–than often anticipated. Charles Kuralt thought he was going on a one-summer cross country lark that ended up lasting 15 years. I went on a one year life adventure that lasted five. Kerouac . . . well, Kerouac’s not a good example.

  5. Oh yeah, the widgets. Great, aren’t they!? Had to get some invaluable coding help from ASI to make that work.

    Don’t know if you’ve been watching the Revver forum lately, but I made a couple of statements there that I think sums up the Revver One problem:
    “No, I’m not a PHP Master. I don’t even want to be a PHP apprentice. I don’t even want to know the name of the software. I just want to click “DO” and it DOES.”
    “I don’t give a rat’s ass if the technology sings and dances and makes coffee, if it doesn’t work for me when and where I want it, it’s useless.”

  6. Theo—From Revver’s ASI:
    Here’s the deal with Javascript. All the grab codes include the call to the main JS file that makes all the magic happen:

    portion of your page.

    The rest of the grabcode is the function call itself. You can have an unlimited number of those function calls on a page – just drop them whereever you want them to appear. For example:


    Note: I added a custom title for you too.

  7. Aw, crap, WordPress apparently strips out the javascript that was in that quote. Okay, go to the Revver forum and in the “Bugs and Technical Questions” subsection, go into my topic group “I’m Just Pissed Off Now” and scrolldown to ASI’s explanation.

    Basically, you have to strip out one line of code out of every widget except the first on a page and add three lines of code in the middle of each widget script if you want a customized title.

    Sounds complicated, but it’s not if you turn off the right hemisphere of your brain and just engage the logic side (I never would’ve guessed how to do this on my own–see comment 12).

  8. So I assume you had to figure it out for yourself. The forums aren’t that helpful. Individual flashplayers have worked great on my MySpace so hopefully it will get better with a few weeks.

  9. Sometimes the forums are very helpful. They’re better than a kick in the pants. In the old days of linotype, you had to make a trunc call to Germany to get answers to technical problems

  10. Thanks marquis for all the help. I can’t expect them to get everything right now. I’m glad about their availability of flash to those that do not have quicktime. That was one reason my friends couldn’t watch my videos at Revver before. Anyways, to nalts I enjoyed the video which I saw at Youtube. Blip link wasn’t working that well. To Patrick, That’s cool that you get the permission of the lovely ladies before you just start looking and following with a camera. I notice also how you excentuate the way they move so looks like you have a well aspect of cinematogrophy. Anyways, do well with the playwrighting and other ambitions.

  11. Haaaaaahahahahahahaha. No wait, hahahahaha hahaha haha! Heeeeeee heee hee. Okay, I uh, haaaaa haaa haaa!!! “Caveman brain.” You so funny.

    I felt the same way. Then I threw a bone at the giant black obelisk and I suddenly understood: You’ve gotta manually strip out the onset activation script in your blog’s html coded template in the head section and then recode the name init in the widget java. Of course! Deeeeerrrr.

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