Weird Al Proves He’s Weird Al to Revver

weirdalvideos.jpgRevver seems to be attracting a few weblebrities (a term I’ve just coined- feel free to use under creative commons). These include LoneyGirl15,┬áZeFrank, EepyBird, Ask a Ninja and Dogtoons.

When I saw that MC Hammer and Weird Al was on Revver, I asked Revver if it would be pursuing additional 1980s stars like Dr. Ruth, Mr. T and Gary Coleman.

Turns out Revver does have a content scout, but Weird Al actually submitted to Revver before they got to him! Revver reflexively rejected them thinking it was someone trying to trade on Weird Al’s work. Eventually Weird Al spoke to the Revver folks via phone to prove it was him.

Imagine being the Revver receptionist when Weird Al calls. Imagine being the Revver editor that had to interrogate him to ensure it wasn’t a prank caller.

Mr. Al- with all due respect… could you please hum a few bars of “I Lost on Jeopardy.”

This story gave me a new level of respect for Weird Al (see his website). Instead of waiting for new media to come to him, he took a proactive role on his own to commoditize his collection. If I were him I’d┬áhave my distributor buy my ad inventory and sell my collection on DVD.

Why haven’t more people done it? THAT’S the weird part.

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  1. This week on Access Hollywood… Weird Al first weblebrity to be arrested, convicted and jailed for “click solicitation” …. Revver first alterted when Weird Al’s latest single ‘Click It’ (to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It’) posted on Revver.

  2. Oh saucy. A willvideoforfood debate about Weird Al. Do you guys think he’ll ever read this? Weird Al… if you’re there please comment. Of course- how will we know it’s you?

    Click it- very funny.

    Maybe he’ll make Revver a promo song. But to what tune?

  3. Click it?

    There’s a reason why I’m a professional parody maker and your 15 minutes of fame includes commenting on someone else’s blog…

  4. Weird Al should do a video of Marshall, Texas, where there were wildflowers in profusion, wild plums, blackberries, exotic flora and fauna and crepe myrtle trees and honeysuckle vines, a strange, dusky, murky, mysterious place filled with a serial killer heat and a star-filled sky that has been turned into a trailer park and truck route.

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