Viral Video Guy Speak at Independent Film Event

smelly.jpgYesterday I was on a panel at the Independent Feature Project (IFP)’s event in New York City. Here’s my self depricating video (“Independent Film Panel”) of me playing a self absorbed loser who can’t understand why I’m not getting red-carpet treatment at the event. I’m having trouble uploading on Revver so this video’s on YouTube where I make fame but no money. Be sure to select the orange “subscribe” icon while you’re there — if you have a YouTube account.

Those of you who have had even one psychology class will recognize that the video is a true manifestation of insecurity (aka InSuckurity). I was humbled to be among people that are serious storytellers and put their passion and time into a more significant art form than viral videos. I met a former NYC policeman who made a film after he retired post when the Twin Towers killed his partner and almost him on 9-11. I’ll soon post a guide for how independent film makers can embrace the world of viral videos, because the event gave me a lot of ideas.

I was joined on the panel by Steven Starr (CEO of Revver), Steve Rosenbaum (CEO of Magnify Media), and a guy from Virgin Records whose name I’m forgetting. Despite my spoof on the video he was a nice guy, and even indicated receptivity to allowing amateur video folks to use (with permission) songs from Virgin. I’m hoping he sorts that out with the online sites (like YouTube/Warner did) so we don’t have to do it ourselves.

Jeff Howe moderated the event, and he’s the father of the term “Crowdsourcing.” His blog is an interesting read. He tore from the event the moment the panel ended, and I thought he was ironically an agoraphobic until he explained that he’s got a young child.

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  1. Kevin –

    Nice job. Hope the ‘smelly guy’ doesn’t sue you for defamation of character.

    Were you alone shooting that – or do you have someone to help?

    BTW: Never heard of ‘Crowdsourcing’ – but I hereby coin (and possibly trademark) the term: “insuckure” (pronounced ‘in-SUCK-cure’) – variations: insuckurity, insuckurness

    Refers to the subsconscious need to create web-based videos in the hopes of being loved/admired by total strangers while at the same time attempting to alleviate unresolved childhood traumas.

    Ex. Usage: “Yo’ homey, that viral video was dope! You is insuckure fo’ sho’!”


  2. DAMN that’s good. I am SOOO talking to my doctor about a pharmaceutical treatment for my insuckurity. You just saved me a fortune in therapy.

    I shot the whole thing myself except for the last shot in which Patrick ( makes a cameo. And in the train shot the guy’s girlfriend was nice enough to hold the camera.

    I view it as a sign of weakness to need any help making a video. But occasionally you need someone else to hold the camera (like if you’re moving in a train and the camera won’t sit on the seat without falling).

    Marquis- what’s a Thurber character? I probably should know. If the answer is obvious I’m deleting this comment later.

  3. I agree on the needing help with the camera. Just isn’t the same if you need help.

    Oh, good job too (hope that alleviates some of you inSUCKurity).

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