Special Tab for “Tiffany’s Bag of Crap” Contest

Notice above we have a special tab for the page devoted to the “Tiffany’s Bag of Crap” Contest. I’ve added my entry called “Bike Off Roof.” Maybe I’m too self critical, but I don’t think it’s one of the worst. I may have to try again.

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  1. I posted one comment, but I guess it didn’t show up. Anyway, I thought that was very funny, and the only way the sandwich could have looked worse is if it had bagged spinach on it. Today for lunch, my wife and I went to Olive Garden, and their chicken dish that normally comes with spinach did not come with it this time.

  2. I just realized my best example of a Tiffany Bag o Shit is “America’s Funniest Videos.” Tons of views on YouTube and horrible ratings. You know people hate it when a few dozen comment and you have 2 stars. That means a lot of people gave it the lowest rating they could (1 star).

  3. Marquis, where is your main blog? I would like to see that.

    Also, I’m thinking of getting rid of everything on ZackScott.net and just making it a video site too. I think I would rather have my Zack Scott Reports site just be Zack Scott Reports stuff.

  4. I’ll blog on setting up a video site soon. I’ve been working with Revver to figure out an easier way to manage CubeBreak. Something with more flexibility than a blog, but as easy. I want to stream my videos and others and make it obvious which is which. And I’d like control of the layout so it’s not all chronological like blogs…

    P.S. Marquis is linked from here on the right. Adding ZackScott.

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