New Entries to “Crap in a Tiffany’s Bag” Contest

Here’s the latest two entries to the “Crap in a Tiffany’s Bag” contest. The bar is set wonderfully low for this contest. All you have to do is enter and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be a finalist as long as your video isn’t that good. Remember the rules- it has to garner lots of views but get very poorly rated.

1) MadM does a magic trick. I played it twice and I still can’t figure out how he does it. I think it must be hiding behind his palm and thumb. (I actually roared outloud and almost woke my family up watching this).

2) Marquis shaves with a knife. Disturbing to watch a knife against someone’s neck, but the point of this contest is to get lots of views and low ratings. Wins extra points for the gratuitous use of the Wilhelm scream.


3) Here’s the video that started this contest. ZackScott’s Bird and the Egg. Will Ferrell eat your heart out.

2 Replies to “New Entries to “Crap in a Tiffany’s Bag” Contest”

  1. Haha! I love the knife shaving one. I couldn’t play it from this link, but I used the number and found it. The magic trick was hilariously lame, especially because it was shown twice in the same video. You should totally do an explanation video where you show it again in ultra slow motion and make up some sort of explanation as to how it was done.

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