Fred Graver Blog (One to Watch)

graver_fred_80.jpgI recently added an RSS for this new blog: Who’s Fred Graver? Well you should be embarassed you had to ask, but here’s his Wikipedia bio (and I won’t tell him you had to “refresh” yourself on his history).

Fred works in big media, but he’s not afraid of the online video space.

His mission: This blog is going to be about how creative people make things in the new digital world. It’s about the new technology that changes the way people tell stories and allows ever more people to tell them. It’s about disruptive business ideas and about being a disruptive person. It’s about how we’re all going to make a living in the new digital landscape. It’s about everything creatives can do to create a stir – from podcasts to blogs to vlogs to new kinds of advertising to… whatever.

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