All the Bugs in Revver 1.0 Are My Fault

bug.jpgI need to get something off my chest. All the bugs in the new Revver are my fault.

I was given the opportunity to QA the site pre-launch. I did a cursory job and e-mailed back a few random bugs I noticed. But I wasn’t thorough. Because I’m lazy, have a low attention to detail and fear change.

But savour the bugs! They’re part of every new release. Remember your first Mac? You had to reboot it every 30 minutes. Not anymore.

Think of Revver’s bugs the same way you do when you eat an Egg McMuffin and find an egg shell in the egg or chunk of ear lobe in the sausage. They’re reminders that it’s real food you’re eating.

6 Replies to “All the Bugs in Revver 1.0 Are My Fault”

  1. I’ve heard this from a sleuth of people. We’re hoping it’s a temporary glitch. It seems to be causing a great deal of frustration. I’ll post about it tonight or tomorrow.

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