AOL Video Grows Dramatically in August

aol-video-growing.jpgJust yesterday I wrote about how we don’t care about AOL. Today, via Micropersuasion, I found some data that Hitwise makes public. Hitwise is a bit more reliable than Comscore because it draws on a panel of 25 million individuals via ISP data (10 million in the U.S.).

Here’s the AOL Video growth chart, which is featured as a “fast mover” on Hitwise. Note that this reports on share not raw volume, and some of this growth could be based on the low baseline (relative to the bigger players in this space).

Also- correction from earlier post. AOL DOES have user generated content via Uncut. Marquisdejolie pointed this out, but I couldn’t find his videos (search doesn’t appear too strong). So we’re still bored by the AOL Video solution but at least the traffic is interesting.

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  1. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that AOL wouldn’t allow me to use the screenname “marquisdejolie” there because I used to be a customer there about 4 years ago and cancelled and they hold a grudge and won’t let me use the same screename…uh, but zefrank was never an Ahole customer so, uh . . .

  2. BTW: I just made an entrty video for your ‘Tiffany Bag of Crap” challenge, but the new Revver won’t let me upload anything and, basically at this point in time, doesn’t work . . . and it won’t let me go back to Revverbeta, either. AAAAAAAAKKKK!

    I finally used the old Revver desktop uploader to upload “MadM Magic”, but now there’s no way for me to see if it was accepted. This sucks. It might be fixed in an hour or a day, but for now it just sucks. Please pardon my skepticism, but it took Revver months and months to solve my invisible videos problem.

  3. My big fat mean drunk sister used to work for them in customer service and she says they get a dollar commission for talking someone out of cancelling the service. A dollar.

  4. This is true. I had a friend who once worked there. They even gave you free months of service just to stay. I knew a guy who would just ride that out. He would call to cancel, get free months, then call to cancel, then get free months, and never really had to pay a bill. Of course, free AOL is not as good as no AOL.

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