Videos We Need More Of. Videos We Need Less Of.

It’s time for WillVideoForFood’s first ever “videos we need more of” and “videos we need less of” awards.

Videos We Need More Of:

  • Candid moments of celebrities
  • 2-minute comedies (especially based on workplace life)
  • Comedic soundbytes on current events
  • Girls fighting (but no getting hurt too bad)
  • Harmless prank calls
  • Newscasters losing their cool off air

Videos We Need Less Of:

  • Rambling teenage girls
  • Lip synching
  • Cats crapping on toilets
  • People hurting themselves. Unless they’re girls fighting and don’t get hurt bad.
  • Mentos & soda
  • Dancing
  • One photo every day for 12 years

What did I miss?

8 Replies to “Videos We Need More Of. Videos We Need Less Of.”

  1. Hey, I do comedic soundbites of current events, AND I’m a newscaster who loses his cool on and off air! And my clips can never get past the Metacafe reviewers.

    I think we also need more videos that are completely pointless but appear to be big deals. I think my next video will be me tossing an egg in the air and catching it. Everyone at Metacafe will hate it.

  2. Now you’ve got me accepting a challenge you didn’t know you posed. Who can create a video that has more than 5,000 views with the lowest average rating? It’s quite a challenge. It has to be a Tiffany bag full of crap. Looks good enough to view, but leaves people with a nasty aftertaste.

  3. Well, the thing that sucks is that Metacafe seems to provide the traffic, but doesn’t it have to get past the initial review? I now have 4 videos up in the producer rewards (I think). The one where I have my cat in the fridge has drawn a very negative reaction but average ratings. The really believe I left him in there, but (due to camera-panning magic) he was only closed in the fridge about 5 seconds.

  4. I have seriously had this idea for a few months:

    Wait in the forested area next to to train tracks by my house and claim i’m in search of the train. Be sure to film the trek through the rocks, hills, and trees. Then finally, when the train comes by, rush out and film it going by. I’m excited the whole time. Dramatic music plays, and the credits roll, but all the credits say is “The Train.”

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