The Daily Reel on September 11

The Daily Reel reports that filmmaker Steven Rosenbaum is presenting his film 7 Days in September, which was released theatrically in 2002, on Google for free viewing until September 15. “I wanted to make sure the footage captured by 28 individual storytellers accurately matched their emotions on a moment-by-moment basis,” Rosenbaum recently said. Rather than re-release the movie on DVD on the 5th anniversary, Rosenbaum reached out to Google Video. In addition to the film itself, Google is also hosting 1,500 video clips from Rosenbaum’s footage free of charge, not to mention thousands of other films that deal with the events of 9/11. It’s this multitude of media and memorials that just goes to show there is no single version of 9/11.

On a lighter note, here’s The Daily Reel’s discovery of another controversial article about Youtube’s “is she real or not?” LonelyGirl15. While you’re on the site be sure to check out Jerry Zucker’s “Big Time.”

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