PayPerPost: You Don’t Have to Be Ed McMahon to “Sell Out”

mcmahon.jpgIf suddenly I start blogging about companies that have nothing to do with online videos, you’ll know I’ve moved onto PayPerPost‘s payroll. The site allows bloggers to get paid for posts that follow instructions from advertisers seeking buzz. Include a product mention and links to a commerce site and you’ll make as much as $10. The top earners are just north of $1,000. Here’s an article on the FloridaVentureBlog that got Digged (where you can read some reactions to this controversial blogging version of “advertorial.”

And here’s a video promo on the service. Not sure if the creator is getting his palms greased by PayPerPost or FedEx.

Now I’m not saying I’m not above this. But If I’m going to sellout, it’s going to be for way more than $10.

4 Replies to “PayPerPost: You Don’t Have to Be Ed McMahon to “Sell Out””

  1. Thx for digging my PPP article…

    If getting paid for what you already do is selling out do then it might be worth considering. You do video and some advertisers will compensate you for that.

    I saw that has an ad opportunity paying $35 for a 30 second PPP commercial, with a potential $2000 payday depending on how it gets used. With your experience, you might want to check it out.

    I’ve researched the platform from various angles and like that videographers are recognizing the platform isn’t only about textual blogging…

    Keep up the great blogging!

  2. I actually think it’s a very clever idea from a marketer’s POV. I just wonder what it does to the blogger’s credibility unless they disclaim that it’s a PPP.

    Anyway- your article and the company TOTALLY inspired me for my next video. It’s going to be one of my most difficult to pull off (I actually need a cast, script and storyboard to make it work), but it’s got viral potential.

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