Dr. Hawkins Predicts World Will End Tomorrow

Dr. Hawkins predicts the world will end tomorrow (Sept. 12, 2006). If he’s right I just want to thank you good folks for reading the blog. I was going to ask someone to back it up, but I think if the world ends it doesn’t really matter.

Oh- who wins the YouTube “bubble burst” contest if the world ends? Then again- who wants a free t-shirt if it’s just going to melt?

Author: Nalts

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Hawkins Predicts World Will End Tomorrow”

  1. Only 1/3 of us will perish according to the article. More broadband for the rest of us.

    By the way, I have a list of “people who should be put to sleep” do you think we can choose the 1/3 that perish?

  2. Dr. Hawkins WAS in fact taking requests. But they had to be submitted by Sept. 1. You’re too late. And someone from your information management group submitted your name. Good bye.

  3. Ouch, Oh well. Nice knowing you. Give me your camera and I’ll send back videos from the other side. I get 50% of your Revver take. I’m sure they have PayPal there.

  4. “More broadband for the rest of us.”…..unless you live in a cow pasture like me,then just dial-up 🙁

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