Animate The Easy Way

rudolph.jpgIzzy Video did a nice tutorial about creating animated videos. A reader offered this suggestion for even simpler animations:

  1. shoot all your still-frame images
  2. put them all in one folder
  3. open Quicktime Player Pro.
  4. go to the pulldown for Open > Image sequence
  5. point it to the folder where the images are contained
  6. pick whatever frame rate you desire
  7. sit back and enjoy your movie

Izzy’s tutorial, while a bit more complicated using Final Cut Pro, offers some additional suggestions:

  • Use tripod
  • Set still camera (not video camera) to manual mode
  • Run each photo for .02 seconds (30 frames per second).

I’d never have the patience to make a 10-second video from 300 photos, so you can also run each photo for a bit longer and still have a decent perception of movement.

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  1. I’ve been liking the ones where people have taken photos of themselves everyday for 6 years or whatever. I’m thinking of doing one of me over the span of three hours just to get metacafe commenters to want to kill me.

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