Crocodiles in Shame for Not Eating Steve Irwin When They Had Chance

Australian native and California-based Mark Day gives crocodiles the abuse they deserve for never having finished off Steve Irwin (the Croc Hunter that sadly died from a sting ray this week). Day’s short comedic bits are funny, tasteless and timely. This one ends especially well and you’ll appreciate it unless you’re PETA, still getting over Irwin’s early demise or a fan of Paris Hilton. I wonder if there are more PETA members than Paris Hilton fans?


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  1. At the risk of commenting on my own work (and I’m not Australian.. you know that… .right?) I posted that clip on a bunch of places and got a lot of angry mail about it (especially on MySpace, which people might not think of as a place to post clips – directly, not embedding from another site – but i keep *reading* about how many users are viewing videos there….). MySpace users? Very angry. YouTube users? Mostly angry. But interestingly (and being able to see how people came to your blog is one of the things I love about having a blog) as of yesterday, I started getting hits from people searching for things like ‘steve irwin + parody’, ‘croc hunter + parody’, and (rather oddly) ‘steve irwin adult only jokes’ (what were they hoping for? porn? ) Which leads me to believe that if it was too soon to post the clip on Tuesday, by Friday, people (OK, some sickos…) were *craving* Croc Hunter humor…

  2. sorry to hear of ya loss hope that family is ok and hope his little girl is ok n brave n i no she will keep the good work up abit her dad all the best in life lv claire

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