Top 10 Things YouTube’s New CFO Will Do

gidean.jpgYouTube recently hired Yahoo Treasurer Gideon Yu as its chief financial officer (TheStreet). He joins 60 people working for the San Mateo company, including Tony Nethercutt, a fellow Yahoo alumnus that runs YouTube’s advertising.

What are the top 10 things Yu will do? We speculate…

  1. Get stoned with Chad Hurley and Steven Chen to show that he’s “today,” even though he’s an old man at the age of 35.
  2. Focus on big media partnerships, causing the core base of consumer-generated video folks to find a new home.
  3. Overgrow a NYC sales office that will close in September 2007.
  4. Say the phrase “new capital allocation strategy” to impress the media.
  5. Urge YouTube to stray from its core competency and include news, search, downloadable applications, and original editorial. “We’re the next Yahoo!”
  6. Plan an exit strategy for YouTube’s founders, and a secret “backup” exit strategy for himself.
  7. Prepare for an IPO while checking out videos of YouTube’s latest teenage starlets.
  8. Move Hurley and Chen into “media facing” roles so they don’t turn the company into another yahoo.jpg
  9. Gain 15 pounds from Amici’s pizza — which is below the YouTube headquarter loft in case you haven’t ever read an article on YouTube.
  10. Work with Nethercutt to build an advertising salesforce of pretty but vacuus sales women.  

6 Replies to “Top 10 Things YouTube’s New CFO Will Do”

  1. While the message above is entertaining the author certainly doesn’t know Gideon very well. I don’t have time to address each of the Top Ten items but here are some comments.

    He’s not old…only old enough to appreciate that a company needs to make money to survive…remember that old lesson?

    He won’t have to use worn out phrases to impress people….he’s just plain smart.

    I hope he works out an exit strategy for all the people who contributed to the success of YouTube! It is usually referred to as an IPO…

    Finally, whats wrong with the last item on your list. Smart people already know what they want and it is just a lot easier to buy it from a pretty face! How about a handsome guy for all the smart gals?

    I wish Gideon and his new team the best of Luck! They have a big challenge!

    I really did enjoy the top ten list! haha

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