Is YouTube Cleaning Up? Rejections, Suspensions, & Bears. Oh My.

rejection.jpgRemember that girl in high school that slept with everyone? If she rejected you, you knew you were beyond hope? I think we’ve all lost hope.

Many signs point to YouTube cleaning up. YouTube appears to be policing obscene content and maybe some of the vast amount of copyright violations (which, remember, are you the responsibility of those posting not the host site). Kinda like me trying to stop my weeds by removing one at a time with tweasers. Some examples:

  1. Marquisdejolie has had rejected videos. His work is usually funny, always insane, but almost never “obscene.”
  2. IDonothingAllDay got his account
  3. FireX became a YouTube star, and had his account suspended so many times he moved to Revver.
  4. I used “a friend’s” YouTube account to see if I could upload a video that someone sent me (funny scene with a French interviewer unable to contain his laughter caused by the voice of his interviewee). It got rejected because of copyright. How did it know!?

Suddenly YouTube appears on a mission. Marquis submitted that it might be the result of “Landlord Lane” trying to cleanse YouTube. Nice theory, but Landlord Lane himself has a suspended account! 

Bring on your stories. I’m not sure this move will save or destroy YouTube, but it sure makes the YouTube Bubble Burst Pool entries interesting.

P.S. How long before they kill my account? Watch me use YouTube to tease YouTube… while you still can.

Author: Nalts

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3 thoughts on “Is YouTube Cleaning Up? Rejections, Suspensions, & Bears. Oh My.”

  1. One video rejected. I had just one rejected out of 125 and although it was a little racy, it had to have been rejected for what it implied rather than anything shown. Nothing was shown. There’a a lot of racier stuff there, but I don’t really care because YouTube is just a tool, an interchangeable tool, for publicity. Hear that, Chad? You’re just a tool.

    Landlord Lane got canned? Great! Now there was a Cristo-fascist tool if I ever saw one!

  2. I really don’t understand Youtube now a days. It’s irritating because really good stuff are being taken off and I’ve seen some that I still can’t figure out why it was deleted (orginal and non vuglar works inculded). I’ve talked with some other suspended users who say sometimes there are zero investigations of those marked “falgs,” sometimes it’s just spitful people hoping to get something off for one reason or another. I won’t be suprised if pretty soon half the users they have get extremly annoyed with this website and find somewhere else. Kind of like when it got rid of NC17 fanfictions and two sites that allow such materials popped up and took excellent writers with them. Maybe they go after more popular videos too. I’m not sure how their policy works. Couldn’t they ban you once then give you a second chance? I’m not even sure why my videos got removed. Oh well. I’m over it, I guess.

  3. my account is damzion and it suddenly got suspended. this user liamfrancomb or his newly made account damzionkiller cliamed he could do it. he and a couple of idiots (homefromtheoffice) started hate mail which i replied to. now my account is suspended and theirs is still active. i dont get it.

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