God Has a Facebook

Barats & Bereta’s latest video… If God Had a Facebook. If online video hadn’t come along, the only people enjoying this would be their buddies, classmates and friends.

If these two were as business savvy as they are comedic, they’d be rich already. Remember I’ve maintained that entire amateur (consumer generated) online-video market will be ad funded except for stuff that’s “Jib Jab” quality? Here’s one. I literally can’t find another regular creator of amateur content that comes close.

Before 2006 closes we’re see a viral video star to develop a pay-for-view model. I’d EASILY pay a buck or two for each of their videos unless they started to suck.

Collect call to Barats and Bereta… get your stuff on Revver, Metacafe or Eefoof. Charge Break.com (but DON’T sign exclusives like iFilm or other companies). You will regret this. Use YouTube to promote your stuff, but don’t give it away free anymore. Demand ad revenue.

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7 Replies to “God Has a Facebook”

  1. Hey kev,

    it’s Doug checking in from vacation, google sorrel river ranch to check this place out. if you sell Sanjay you could probably afford a week here

  2. Nalts how is ZeFrank not your viral video star at this point?

    He would seem to be on a tear doing about 250,000 views a week on Revver (and only Revver; which makes you think) for about the last month.

    Based on your $5 -10 a 1000 view model that is a weekly income of $1,250 – $2,500. I got this right, right.

    That means the unblinking one could be pulling down $100K a year…not bad for a part time job even in NYC

    The winner of ‘The Apprentice’ gets a job for one year for $250K and most would say they are a star.

    The real question is does he make more on T-Shirts than you.

  3. I’ve scanned the user agreement on ifilm, but didn’t really read everything before posting one of my short movies on there. I didn’t know that they are exclusive. Man, I am going to have to try to get it down off of their site, so that I can post it on youtube. I wish I could post it on Revver, but I used a sag actor that had a waiver, so i’d be going through a lot of mess if i started getting revenue from that particular short.

  4. B&B have signed with CAA… and CAA has put them on a tight leash.

    Very sad. These guys could’ve done great things as independent artists if only they had a good PPV business model.

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