Eefoof Exeriment: Can It Make Me Money?

efoof.gifI’ve been getting some comments disparaging Revver (the first online video site that paid video creators). That same commenter was claiming Eefoof was making him rich.

I realized that I didn’t give Eefoof enough of a chance on my first glance… it just didn’t seem serious. So I’ve done more homework:

  • User Interface: Eefoof is unique in that it shares ad revenue with content creators not just for video but photos and audio. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to get used to the fact that what LOOKs like thumbnails are actually still images.
  • Popularity: Revver gets very little traffic, so I was interested to see if Eefoof is better. I was dissappointed. The most popular videos on the site range in the 5-10K views. Grant, they’re relatively new so it’s too hard to judge.
  • Profitability Potential: I added my most popular 12 videos several days ago, and the whole lot got fewer than 100 views. Expected proceeds: Not enough to cover first-class postage. If that changes I’ll add an update to this post. And to be fair, I did nothing to market the videos I posted.
  • Search: I was frustrated that I can’t search by my username (Nalts) and find my content (note- fixed now). Even more so… when I did find my content I couldn’t grab a URL that could point others to the whole collection.

I really wanted Eefoof to succeed for two reasons. First, healthy competition would make Revver better. Second, Eefoof has garnered nice PR as it represented the “space” of pay-for-content. And it boldly took on YouTube, and asked the question “why shouldn’t people make money on their work?”

What’s nice about Eefoof is that they basically share the ad revenue “pie” by views (after they take their slice). Unfortunately it doesn’t yet look like a very big pie yet. That said, they’re in Beta. So we’ll give them time before we render a strong verdict.

5 Replies to “Eefoof Exeriment: Can It Make Me Money?”

  1. I took those Efoof comments you’re reffering to as Efoof spam, maybe I’m wrong but it’s what I believe, and if I’m right then Efoof is run by idiots/children and I will not be using them for my videos unless they suddenly become hugely successful out of nowhere.

    Love your blog by the way.

  2. Hey Nalts I was wondering if you embedd metacage content do you still make money per view? Do you get paid if videos are listed on cubebreak or does the creator? They allow embedding but it doesn’t seem to specify on the site

  3. Good question- I assumed that embedded is the same as the video being served on Metacafe, but that may not be the case. They can’t stream as many ads around a video that doesn’t appear on Metacafe. Will ask them to comment.

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