YouTube Sucks- The Video

I did a Google search for YouTube sucks (for reasons I can’t quite explain because I’m not mad at YouTube today). Here’s what I found.

A Brit waxes poetically about YouTube’s sucking. Seems the “bun was getting stuck” — causing her to miss a deadline by two days… She quotes someone else wanting to mobilize troops against YouTube.

Kind of interesting to watch people use YouTube to critique it.

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  1. I gotta tell ya…I enjoyed your video about getting your son ready for school that was great. Your editing was right on time. I have just joined the bloggin scene and you have raised the bar way up.

  2. youtube just kicked me off for inappropriate content.

    i find this amusing. especially since they literally just approved me as a director a week earlier and i have sent at least three emails asking what it was that was inappropriate ony to get a message back about something that was totally unrelated to my question.

  3. Maybe it’s that trailer park manager, the one who is on a moral crusade to clean up YouTube. Only one of my videos was kicked off YouTube after it had been up three or four months. Suddenly it was inappropriate. Cristo-fascists. The most amusing YouTube flamer I got was a 28 year-old “Vietnam vet” (obviously bad at math) irate over my PTSD spoof.

  4. YouTube’s efforts kicking Marquis and IDoNothing are like me trying to solve world hunger by giving candy to the fat kid next door. Not sure this analogy works, but I felt like mentioing the fat kid next door.

    1Steak- thanks for the feedback. Always nice to see a fresh name.

    Make new blogger commenters but keep the old. One is silver but the other’s gold.

    Fat kid next door.

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