Metacafe: Will Show Butt Crack for Food

google-earth.jpgI made $800 in a few days by simply showing the world my butt crack. Now I’ll share the secret on how you can make a decent coin for your amateur online videos (man that sounded like an infomercial introduction).

Metacafe is paying $5 per 1,000 views. That’s not the best “return on view,” in the industry (Revver, for instance, does roughly between $5 and $10 per 1,000 views- but it’s a “pay per click” model). But here’s the big difference. If Metacafe likes your stuff, they feature it. And so far I’ve been blown away with how much traffic my videos get. Big fish small pond. Check out the Metacafe Producer Rewards program.

Here’s the story- more than 300K people have viewed “Google Earth: Has it Gone Too Far” on Google Video, and a strange 4K have downloaded it. But revenue to date has been zero (Google Video doesn’t share ad revenue). But Metacafe features it for a few days and I suddenly made enough to buy a new camcorder. Yipee.

Note that Metacafe is It certainly gets more traffic than any other site that shares ad revenue (Comscore and Hitwise).
So my Butt Crack video (click to see it on Metacafe) has made more than $800 in the week or so it’s been live. Most of that in the first few days.

My mama always warned me about selling crack for a living.

I’m still loyally submitting to Revver (and getting excited about its version 1.0 launch). I also started experimenting with Eefoof yesterday. But as long as I can create material that warrants Metacafe featuring, it might be the best near-term payoff. At least when I meet the needs of the risque group of viewers on Metacafe.

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  1. Sounds nice. How often does metacafe pay for videos in that program? Once a month or Twice a month? Have they paid you yet?
    It’s great to capitalize on your videos by trying the different platforms. If metacafe offers the most near term payoff, the i’d say that you have found another great avenue for exhibiting your videos.

  2. Wow, that sounds awesome! I went to their site and it says they will pay every month. and they have videos there that have already earned $20000 – that’s crazy! wow. thanks for telling us about it. i hadn’t really been there before.

  3. It seems that my videos are cursed to great deals. I have tried uploading my .wmv videos to metacafe with no luck. I really wish to try this service, but it stinks when they tell you that the file uploaded successfully and then next thing you know they can’t recognize the file you uploaded.

  4. Metacafe is going through some upload growing pains. I tried my .wav files and then .wmv and finally gave up… I actually burned a CD and sent it to India.

    Good news is they’re moving at the speed of light so they’ll probably have .wav uploads by the time I hit “say it” on this post.

  5. if you are on a mac you can save your movie as a .mov using either imovie or final cut express. try to keep the file size around 30mb if not lower.

    open quicktime pro ($30) and export the movie again but this time from the .mov as the .avi file type. (you’ll see a drop down menu at the bottom with the .mpv tp .avi as an option)

    i’ve been using the cinepak codec at 24 frames and at the highest quality.

    it’s not top quality but i got my videos to look better then they did on youtube and other flash players

  6. Thanks for the tip about Metacafe. Tic Tac VS Egg (or “Candy VS Egg” as they renamed it — making it sound like a Hot Chick VS Nerd reality show) is now being hotly debated as to its authenticity.

    Even if I don’t hit 20,000 the Zapruder-like comments alone are worth it…

  7. I love the renaming. It’s fun to see where they take it. In your case, I suppose they figured “candy” had more International appeal than “TIc Tac.” I would have gone with “offspring of Chicken” rather than “Egg.”

    BTW- it is fun to watch the debate on authenticity. My fake Bill Gates one had a lot of people fooled, but I’m surprised my TOTALLY fake “computer falls from car” didn’t get identified as being a fraud.

  8. Wait a second that wasn’t Bill?!?!

    Thanks to your plug for Metacafe, I’m a c-note richer. Sure it’s not Google Earth money but it’s not bad for an hours work and I didn’t even have to show my butt.

    If you’re ever in Toronto, beers on me.

  9. My “crap in a Tiffany’s bag” video? I’m still storming on that one. I want grade A smelly crap with a thumbnail that looks saucy. A total let down.

  10. You’re not going to believe me, but I did not read your previous message before sending you the e-mail where I asked you if the computer falling video was fake. I spend a lot of time last night watching your “best of” videos with my wife, and I thought that one was fake for the following reasons:

    1. Everything took place in a parking lot.
    2. The guy kicked the monitor after it fell. Who would do that? I’d be worried.

    But I love your videos, especially when they are fake, but they look real. I love doing those.

    Right now on MetaCafe, people think I actually keep my cat in the fridge.

  11. MetaCafe is a war mongering propaganda site, that allows videos that promote violence, videos where soldiers are telling the world to get *ucked and to *uck their *ick, and worse. They also allow porn that is degrading to women, yet they have banned a video that is an intellectual deconstruction of the heroic Red Barron myth of the “fighter” pilot, finding it “hateful and malicious”. If you want to see the video that MetaCafe, Bush, and Israel do not want you to see, go to and click on WAREAGLE VIDEO

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