Video Egg: “Pssst. Want to See an Ad?”

Advertising Age reports that VideoEgg is planning to launch ads surrounding consumer-generated video (via Always On). Interestingly, the site will ask viewers for permission first and charge advertisers approximately $20-$30 cost per thousand (CPM).

Read more and see a Google Video served video of Kevin Sladek, VideoEgg’s founder. His point is that bandwidth costs aren’t cheap and either people will have to pay to watch videos or endure ads. He also speaks about the non exclusive rights by VideoEgg, and says some video sites were assuming ownership on the opt-in statements.

I’m not aware of any video ite that currently¬†tries to own the video except for (which makes you sign away your first born). We’re obviously giving the site the rights to use and sell the videos, but we always retain rights to take it down or use the video elsewhere. Right?

2 Replies to “Video Egg: “Pssst. Want to See an Ad?””

  1. Two reasons- first… Adsense is historically pay-per-click. The banners, I believe, aren’t as expensive as most CPMs. If I had to guess (and that’s what I’m doing) they’re probably around $7-$14 CPM. Second, they’re not sharing much of it at all.

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