Truth in Blogging: Disclosure About New Blog Sponsor

t.gifI think it’s important for readers of “Will Video for Food” to know that this blog will be, effective September 1, sponsored by an advertiser. I will, of course, maintain complete objectivity in my reporting of online trends, video websites and techniques for getting your videos and ads seen and discussed. That’s paramount to the spirit of “WillVideoForFood.”

Starting Friday, this blog will be brought to you by the letter T.

In recent weeks, I have been working closely with the “National Association of Letter ‘T’ Advancement” in Alexandria, Virginia. NALTA receives funding from several large brands and companies that begin with the letter T. For more details visit their website as I’m not comfortable mentioning them all here. NALTA has flown me to Washington, D.C., and taken me to some very fine restaurants (including The Palm, which technically doesn’t begin with T unless you count the “the”).  NALTA also bought me a new laptop (it’s a Toshiba obviously), a few cases of Tangueray, and countless t-shirts for me and my family. So I’m very excited about the letter T but I also have deep respect for the other 25 letters of our alphabet.

I will make a special effort to not include too many mentions to the letter T in my blog posts. However sometimes it’s unavoidable, and I know you’ll understand. For example, I can’t very well mention YouTube, advertising or television without the letter T.

I’d like to thank you readers, and thank the letter T and NALTA for recognizing the value of promoting its brands to the vibrant audience of “Will Video for Food.”

It’s T time!

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  1. Hah, I can see right through you, Mr Nalts. It’s the blood-sucking, third-world oppressing, child-labour exploiting, environment-destroying, T industry that you have sold out. No more T-ea for you, mister.

    Nice pic, btw. Very retro

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