2 Replies to “Top 20 Video Sharing Sites”

  1. Here are the one’s I like.

    Atom Films – higher quality more professional films, revenue sharing

    Reel to reel – higher quality, more professional videos.

    Revver – opportunity for revenue sharing but difficult to get exposure for your video. No groups to join that I could find. They take any video except hard porn. There is some sort of review process for selecting videos for Verizon VCast that in my opinion is not very good. The majority of their videos on V-cast aren’t that great even though they have lots of great stuff avilable on their site that they could use instead. The contests are interesting and fun.

    Flixya – opportunity for revenue sharing but difficult to expose your video. Haven’t seen any contests yet. No groups to join.

    Friendster- Very difficult to embed a video from another site. It can be done, but only in a round about way.

    Jumpcut – bad quality video but best web design by far. It’s the best site for getting videos viewed by others), more contests than all others I have seen. By far, the most fun. The major two downfals are the you can’t embed videos from other sites, and the quality is not as good as others mentioned above.

    Magnify.net – This is best for small private groups. Don’t expect high exposure from the groups within this site.

  2. Here is a link to a very good discussion anout the top sharing sites. I found it quite useful and didn’t see anything that I disagreed with. The only thing I would add is that Jumpcut’s web design is superior. However, their video quality is not nearly as good as the majority of their competitors, and there is no way to wornload a video from their site.
    By they way, I saw some of your videos is Rever, I really loved the ones with your kids. I use my kids in a lot of my videos too and have one of many up on Revver called, “Where’s My Dog Treat?”. If you have time, you should take a look at it via: http://one.revver.com/watch/148555/flv/affiliate/43319
    I and my co-workers have made several funny videos. The latest is “Valentine’s Day Massacre” at http://one.revver.com/watch/167017/flv/affiliate/43319
    Please keep your great videos coming. Every one I watched made me laugh!!!!

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