How Much Money Have You Made?

Another call for volunteers that want to reveal how much they’ve made on Revver, Eefoof, and other ad-sharing video sites. Anyone? I’m between $2K and $3K to date.

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  1. Gurrl… Lemme tell you. How should I start? Well… I was on youtube, and gurl you know, I was popular as hell! Gurlfriend you know, I’m bad ass with my videos, not to sound concieted. Anyways… Somebody had told me about Revver so I had decided to try it… now listen up. I uploaded like 3 videos… and I really ain’t understood the use… and the money never went up… like only up to 3$ … but that’s because I didn’t advertise my shit. Anyways… I was on youtube, and something unfortunant happend… They deleted my account.. But I made a new one… and build up my popularity back. Then again, it got knocked down… For somthing stupid as hell! Lord I don’t need to get into detail with that, but the point of this is! I said FUCK YOUTUBE!!! And I rememberd Revver… so I said well then I’ll just move all my videos to Revver… and I did… I told my fans where my videos was at… And then I noticed, it went up to 10$ within an hour… I said mercy on high and rejoice with the lord. Now… I’ve started that account on Revver in April 2006, and didn’t start puting my videos up untill late May 2006… I got my first Cash out in June… it was like $280… that’s a months worth… And I’ve really started to put my effots into letting everyone know where my videos was, using popular tags, and etc. And honey child lemme just tell you. Last month I made $2,000 … They doing they cash outs faster now, twice a month to be exact. Gurlfriend if you got people who love yo videos, direct them to yo revver baby… and let them know what to do. That’s simple as pie, and gurrl for being a talented actor, Revver is free money honey… Oh my I’m soundin’ so concieted but honey child that is sho’ nuff truth! The point of the whole matter is all in all since April, I’ve collected entirely over $4,000. Now honeychild, that be a pretty penny. I had my friend join revver, the day he joined, they was doing cash outs, and they did a cashout like an hour before he made his account, but as soon as he made that account, he got his friends to click the ads and etc. Now baby you know how this be, and it be heavenly. He got 100$ cash out… And that mess was quick. Alright you know I be yapin’ my lip, but honeychild I’m tryin’ to make this seem as great as it can be. Alright then honey child… My ass is sho’ nuff sorry that this ain’t split into seperate pargraphs… Yo ass finna have to read this all shit clusterd up… and oh… pardon my language… I be speakin’ like a black lady to much teehee!


  3. I keep getting anti-Revver posts but without a lot of details. I’d love to know how much you made on Eefoof. I’ve been too lazy to try it out!

  4. I have to thank Firexicicibeocix (sic) for the amusing and comprehensive commen there. If you haven’t seen some of the crank calls check ’em out.

  5. i’m a bit confused and jealous if firex really pulled down $4,000
    i am pretty sure that cumalatively my videos have been watched more then his total but i have gotten significantly less in terms of payout

    under $1500

  6. To date? less than anyone else by a long chalk. No laughing at the back, but like…. $31.95. Really. Admittedly I’ve focused a lot more on driving traffic to my clips on YouTube because I really want people to discover “the body of work” (ahem) rather than click through to a promotional site for Rockstar reality TV show.

    So when do I get my lecture?

  7. Nalts,you cant be serious? Eefoof has only had payouts for its first month(and only had adsense for 2 weeks),and you want to compare it to revver? Eefoof mentioned on its blog that their goal is to pay $1 per thousand hits,which they far exceeded by paying $3.85 per thousand.So ask us again in 6 months ok? And as far as the revver details,like i said,i madeNOTHING!

  8. Fair point from the anonymouser. Too early to judge eFoof. I would expect eFoof could sell impressions for $10ish, so I’d expect to see better per thousand payments as time moves on.

  9. Comment #9,thats a damned lie and you know it! Revver’s july Payments dropped by over 97% compared to several months ago(ask marquis dejoilee,nalts buddy),and its not just a fluctuation as nalts stated before.Revver was co-founded by a greedy,good for nothing,low life,douchbag,hacker! Also,revver is a “video” site,Which is NOT the same model as EEFOOF,which is a “MEDIA” site(Videos,photo,audio,Flash),also eefoof pays per hit,not per ad click as revver claims.Of course revver only credits a fraction of your clicks! If this seems to be “anti-revver” its not,it just the TRUTH!

  10. This is from :Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 2:14 am by ,the_invisible_man:
    Does anyone else get thousands of views and no payoff? I even did a test a week ago and yesterday where I emailed a couple of friends and had them watch a few videos each… They said they clicked the ads at the end but I got nothing at all. I’ve managed to get around 3000 views since 3 days ago and earned no cash from that either.It’s frustrating and makes me wonder if Revver really works? *Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 2:14 am by xandertorino:In the past I had a video with approximately 50.000 views in 7 days and no cash!

  11. Hello all,

    I’d like to clear up a misunderstanding that originiated with an Eefoof newsletter from last month that included some incorrect information about Revver’s payment methods – the same misinformation that is echoed again in comment # 8 above:

    “Eefoof mentioned on its blog that their [Revver’s] goal is to pay $1 per thousand hits,which they [Eefoof] far exceeded by paying $3.85 per thousand.”

    In actuality, Revver does not pay “per thousand hits,” but instead pays per click. Thus this misinformation about Revver stating a goal of paying $1 dollar per thousand hits is factually incorrect. In truth, Revver’s payout rates to our users far exceed what was noted in this email email and, in fact, are more than competitive with the quoted rate of $3.80 CPM.

    We heard about this newsletter, and brought this incorrect information to their attention, at which point they quickly acknowledged that they had misrepresented Revver.

    Beyond this misinformation, there are some other rather arbitrary numbers being tossed around in this discussion, especially in comment # 12 above:

    “Revver’s july Payments dropped by over 97% compared to several months ago”

    This statistic is totally false and is no way grounded in any sort of data. If whoever invented this number actually had access to the kind of information that would allow them to accurately compute any Revver statistics, they would know this to be blatantly incorrect.

    As for the user’s comments pulled from Revver’s forums, I want to specifically address the post from the_invisble_man quoted in comment # 13:

    “posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 2:14 am by ,the_invisible_man:
    Does anyone else get thousands of views and no payoff? I even did a test a week ago and yesterday where I emailed a couple of friends and had them watch a few videos each… They said they clicked the ads at the end but I got nothing at all.”

    the_invisible_man has actually made a very substantial amount of money using Revver, and concluded on his own blog two days after this forum post that there had been no foul play. From The Invisible Blog:

    “I got quite a few emails about a comment or two I made about Revver and some payment issues. I want to clarify that I do not beleive that Revver are in any way ripping anyone off or scraping off the top.”

    See the rest of the post here:

    The information about Revver in the above comments is incorrect and somewhat smear-campaign-ish. But don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself. We’re confident that you’ll agree that Revver is the best way for you earn money off your work.

    Alex Black
    Community Manager, Revver

  12. Are my comments still blocked here?

    Revver income = $2,950+

    I’d like to see someone comment on Blip.TV income as they say they have ad-attached capability, too.

  13. If you can’t post on Eefoof OR Metacafe the problem may be on your side. I’ve actually found Eefoof to be super easy for uploads. Unfortunately the traffic is quite nominal so far.

  14. Wow, did you promote it? I’m looking to make a website dedicated to posting various online video from all over, but I can’t decide if it’ll be worth my time. It’ll basically just be a favorites list for me.

  15. WOW nice MaCheldea! Good job… I’ve made $500 in the last month making animations like your Hot Sexy Thong videos and they do well!

  16. 5700$ since June but my account has been deleted yesterday…

    Be careful: if you write on your widget “video makers are supported by ad-clicks revenue” Revver will cancel your account with one click, even if you have 429 videos online and even if you have worked for them too for 15 months…

    If you publish on Revver someone else video it doesn’t seem to be a problem: Revver is full of copyright violations and users violating copyright still continue to earn money…


  17. Efoof is a load of shit, I Couldn’t uploaded not 1 single video of mine. I use profanity and I’m damn proud of it. They denie all my videos… Fuck them, I’ve never made anything on them. I’ve made more money on Revver than working at Taco Bell, and that is sho’ a fact!

  18. I am new in this “business”, but can say that in 5 day’s i have earned (unverifyed income on revver) about 200$ with video listed on – making fire using candom.

    It looks, that “condom” topic creates a lot of traffic and may be I’ll follow up it in future.

    By the way, I am still looking way how to attract people to promote video on revver – even fact, that revver paying 50% of my income for promotion (20% of brutto income to promoter, 40% for me and 40% for Revver – it means that you income just for sharing link – it 50% of my!) – not helps 🙁

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