Halloween in August and GarageBand O.D.

Have you noticed the annual Halloween stores have begun to open? How do these companies survive with 2-months of sales a year? Oh. 95% margins, that’s how.

Anyway… it starts with buying an “old man” mask… which kinda begs for a video.

…Then the candy river begins to flow.

On the musical scores: I splurged on Mac’s Garage Band “Jam Pack” Rythm and Orchestra loops. You’ll hear Rythm in the first video and Orchestra in the second. They’re $100 each, so I’ve been hesitating. But what finally got me was when I was watching my kids play an online video game and I heard part of the exact tune from Mentos Jet Pack (and you’ll see the commenters are acknowledging the use of Garage Band). Here’s hoping that the choices of the new loops keep my videos somewhat distinct for a few months.

To tie these two subjects together (Halloween and GarageBand), I’d say Garageband loops are a lot like candy corn. The first handfulls taste great and then you reach a point where you can even think about either without getting a little ill.

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