Bed Bugs Are Pooping on Your Pillow

So this guy at work tells me that 10% of the weight of an old pillow is Bed Bug feces. It grosses me out. Then I figured I’d “pay it forward” by getting you a little worried. As you lay your head to rest tonight, know you’re joined by thousands of bed bugs who are eating your skin flakes and pooping all over your sheets.
Want to see what they look like UP CLOSE? Check this video of my wife and I as we explore this new realization. On the bright side… you’ll never sleep alone again.

15 Replies to “Bed Bugs Are Pooping on Your Pillow”

  1. As I look back at this I broke so many production rules. Crappy audio and the lighting is poor. How do you make a night time scene without it looking like garbage? Blue lights?

  2. it looks just fine. Kids as bed bugs, that’s really good. In some many ways. Btw, that anecdotal evidence of 10% of your pillow contents? I have heard the same. Yuck. Not as bad as the number and type of bacteria living on your fingers, apparently.

    Just don’t go there.

  3. Try motor oil. Used to smear it on my face and neck when I slept in flophouse motels. Slept better knowing the little buggers were slip-sliding off me like first-time ice skaters.

  4. I was going to say, it’s an aphrodisiac, too. You think I’m kidding, but something in cheap motor oil acts as a pheremone on women. Gives men that manly scent or something. I don’t understand it, but it works!

  5. Dust mites and bed bugs are very different things. Like as different as ants and bees. I could enumerate the differences but the most crucial one is that bed bugs live off of human blood, sucked right from your veins. Dust mites live off of cells that you shed naturally. Dust mites are fairly easy to get rid of and typically benign (which is why we all have them in our pillows without knowing or caring). Bed bugs are crafty bastards who can ruin your life. They are more like termites in terms of the financial and emotional damage they can wreak.

    Sorry, I just felt the need to set the record straight.

  6. Paul is right bed bugs are definately not what you want to go to sleep with at night. Dust mites however have been with us for years without any of us knowing or being affected by them, its just finding out they are there is a little creepy! But if you are overly paranoid about them some good information on how to eliminate and control them can be found here I personally dont really get too bothered by the idea, there are TONS of things we dont know about that are with us everyday so why bother being paranoid all the time?!

  7. They tell you to pull your bed away from the wall, put the legs in glass container and keep bedding up off floor. Even then the bedbugs will climb the wall to the ceiling directly over person sleeping and drop onto them.

    I would say definitly crafty!

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