You Won’t Get Discovered on YouTube

get.jpgI’d like to take a moment to dispel the biggest myth of online video. Since a few “cross over” stars have been discovered on YouTube, people have begun to think that they can too.

Folks, it’s like playing the lotto. You have the same chance winning whether you play or not.

You won’t get discovered on YouTube. You’ll be a waitress in Hollywood taking a lunch break for your 177th audition. It’s not that you’re unworthy. You have talent. You’re even quite funny!

Here’s the problem: While it’s true that YouTube dominates online-video share, it’s wayyyyyyy easier to get yourself seen on a 2nd-tier or 3rd-tier site. Sure the BoobTube gets 10 zillion viewers a day. But there are eleventy gazillion videoscompleting for mindshare, and the viewers only look at the really popular stuff. So you won’t get popular because you’re not yet popular. I’m sorry to let you down. There’s just too much crap seeking the same eyeballs.

Try submitting to the 2nd-tier sites (Google Video, Yahoo Video and AOL Video) and you’ll be surprised how much more traffic you get. Even better, get on Metacafe, Blip or Revver. The deeper you go the bigger fish you’ll be in a smaller pond.

Let me close with this little story… My friend Tony Braithwaite went to LA to become a movie star. He tried for a year, and then got wise. He came back to Philadelphia to do stage theater. He’s now a living stage legend in Philly. That’s you on a 2nd tier site, friend.

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  1. Yeah, very true. ONLY with good, unique, funny, etc… content can you really advance, and hasn’t that been the case on the Internets since Al Gore invented it?

  2. A cameo on two news shows isn’t discovery. Brookers is discovery. But mind you I was making videos full time when I created Crackberry. 😉

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